Portland Trails transforms Greater Portland into a healthier community for people-powered transportation, conservation, and recreation, by creating a network of trails and green spaces that connects people with places.

Since 1991, Portland Trails has built and maintained a network of over 70 miles of trails and green spaces throughout Greater Portland. The trail network reaches within a half mile of every resident of Portland. It spans four different communities, and over one million people use the trails each year. From someone’s morning jog, to a student’s safe walk to school, we are a part of people’s lives every day.
With over 1,300 members and countless more volunteers, corporate sponsors, community partners, landowners, and trail enthusiasts, we are able to transform Portland’s streets and the community for visitors and locals alike.
Explore our focus areas:


Our trail network includes over 70 miles of trails in Portland, Westbrook, Falmouth, and South Portland. Trails, especially in urban spaces, can transform a community. Learn more here.

Active Transportation

You use active transportation anytime you walk, bike, skateboard, or roll to get somewhere. We design our trail network to increase everyone's access to active transportation opportunities. Learn more here.


As an urban land trust, we steward natural spaces throughout Greater Portland. This has positive effects on the health of native plants and animals..and on humans, too. Learn more here.


What turns a space into a place? Placemaking is where we reimagine and reinvent public spaces in order to create healthier and more vibrant neighborhoods. Learn more here.

Healthier Neighborhoods for All

Healthier Neighborhoods for All is a program that aims to improve the health of Portland's neighborhoods, with a focus on low-income, BIPOC, and immigrant residents, by increasing awareness and usage of local trails and outdoor spaces. Learn more here.