Monthly giving helps us plan throughout the year.

Trail use is year-round, and so is the work that makes it possible.

Portland Trails builds a healthier and more connected community with the help of our generous members and donors. But while membership drives and annual giving are seasonal, our 70+ mile network of trails is being used every day, all year long.

Monthly giving helps us to plan for year-round work to support trails and green space by spreading your support out across the seasons. We do a lot of our financial planning by the month; why not donate monthly, too?

(Just select "monthly" above your donation amount!)

Perennial giving helps us plan long-term.

Our goal is to make long-lasting change.

Each year, our members provide the support we need to build & maintain trails, advocate for active transportation, manage invasive species, and create placemaking projects in Greater Portland. When you become a perennial member of Portland Trails, you’re actively supporting the long-term health and connectivity of your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go online or write a check every month?
No! You can set up an online recurring payment that will charge your credit or debit card and send a receipt automatically each month on the day of your choosing.
Do my monthly donations count toward my membership?
Many of our monthly donors choose to make a separate membership donation once a year. However, you may choose to have the cost of your membership taken from your monthly donations.
How do I keep track of my monthly giving for tax purposes?
We make it easy! At the end of each calendar year, we will send you a letter with the total of all your tax-deductible monthly donations for the year.
Is there a minimum or maximum monthly donation?
The minimum monthly donation is $5. There is no maximum.
What if I want to change or cancel my monthly or annual donation?
Please contact us at to change your donation amount or frequency. If you prefer to call, our number is (207) 775-2411.
What if I have questions or concerns about monthly or annual giving?
Contact us! We are always happy to answer your less-frequently-asked questions.